Ecommerce Consultancy

Analyse. Optimise. Grow.

Whether you’re approaching ecommerce for the first time, or you’re an established ecommerce business, growing online can be a complex challenge.

We offer ecommerce consultancy as one of our key services to help you create a plan for ecommerce growth. With our team of digital experts, we’ve got the people, the skills and the passion to deliver ecommerce success.

Our ecommerce consultancy framework helps retailers understand what they need in order to experience rapid growth, from platform choice and integrations through to expansion and customer acquisition strategy.

Magento and Shopify
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What Can Ecommerce Consultancy Cover?

  • Analyse. Optimise. Grow. Our ecommerce consultancy framework will walk you through an analysis of your current setup and assets, how to optimise this for ecommerce and then how to experience rapid growth.
  • Objectives and targets. We will work with you to understand your benchmark metrics and set targets across revenue, conversion, add to basket rate, abandoned cart, return on ad spend and more.
  • Customer analysis. We will create customer profiles to best inform ecommerce setup, including understanding who your customers are, where they are and why they are engaging with your brand.
  • Platform choice. We are a team of leading ecommerce experts with both Magento and Shopify partner status, and know the platforms inside out. We will work to understand which is the best fit for you.
  • Integrations and processes. What will your tech stack look like? From site search through to personalisation and PIMs through to ESPs, we will help you evaluate which systems you need.
  • Expansion into new markets. Internationalisation is another challenge for many retailers and with our experience, we can optimise your setup for new markets.
  • Amazon and other marketplaces. We are one of the leading Amazon agencies in the UK, with expertise in growing sales and winning market share on the platform. We can work with you to consult on the best way to see growth on the marketplace, through content, marketing and advertising.
  • Customer acquisition strategies. Driving traffic and acquiring customers is key to ecommerce success. We can offer consultancy across paid search, remarketing, content, technical SEO, social, email, marketing automation, and more.
  • Technology partnerships. We maintain strong relationships with the best in breed technology partners to offer the best advice and recommendations possible.

Moda Furnishings Results

The Moda Furnishings team knew that as Magento 1 end-of-life approached, they needed to migrate from their existing Magento 1 site to another platform.
Increase in online revenue
Project stadistic result 252 %
Increase in online orders
Project stadistic result 251 %
Increase in conversion rate
Project stadistic result 91 %

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