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Magento Open Source

The powerful ecommerce platform for new brands

Magento Open Source allows startup brands and retailers in their early-stages growth plans to launch a powerful ecommerce store that takes advantage of the platform’s complex functionality.

With a leading Magento Open Source agency, we have the skills and insight to create a Magento Open Source project that will launch or refresh your ecommerce store.

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Magento Open Source vs Adobe Commerce

Magento Open Source is ideal for retailers with relatively small product or customer databases. Adobe Commerce is designed for large, established brands and companies that are experiencing fast growth that need a powerful platform to scale with them.

Magento Open Source can be downloaded for free while Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) must be paid for. Adobe Commerce includes many powerful features, which will need to be built for any website using Magento Open Source.

Find out which is right for you: Magento Open Source vs Adobe Commerce

Why Magento 2 Open Source?

  • User-friendly ecommerce platform The platform is built for both brands and customers alike, and will be simple and straightforward for your team to use.
  • Custom-built platform Manage your site easily using extensions in the marketplace for analytics, optimisation, payments, shipping and more.
  • Continual development and innovation Magento Open Source experiences regular new additions to both the marketplace and built-in functionality.
  • Magento community Ask for support from the ever-growing Magento community, including developers, testers, forums and ecommerce specialists.
  • Flexible growth and upgrades As you grow, upgrading to advanced features and other Magento versions is easy and simple, with your platform growing with you.
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Your Magento Open Source Project

A typical Magento 2 Open Source project will take 16 weeks to complete from sign-off of the technical specification through to design and development, testing and launch.

Your project will include a discovery phase which will cover user experience research, a technical specification and initial wireframe development. This will be followed by the design and development phase, including any UI design, custom integrations and initial migrations.

We will then progress into the launch phase with final migrations and testing, with the option for technical SEO and speed optimisation add-ons.

Magento 2 Open Source Project Timeline
Magento 2 Open Source Project Timeline
Magento 2 Open Source Project Timeline

Back Pain Help Results

Back Pain Help needed an experienced agency who could deliver a Magento project quickly, in order to take advantage of the international opportunities before others. They approached Fluid and we worked with the team to build a fast and modern Magento 2 site.
Increase in conversion rate
Project stadistic result 30 %
Decrease in cart abandonment rate
Project stadistic result 51 %

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