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Providing Unified Magento B2B Commerce Solutions

The B2B commerce landscape is changing

Business customers’ needs and buying preferences are evolving, and your business could be at risk if you fail to keep up. The Adobe Commerce B2B ecommerce platform gives your customers:

  • More convenient and efficient ways of working with suppliers to find new products, replenish stock and purchase parts
  • The ability to order and manage their account from anywhere and on any device
  • A more personalised digital experience that gives them control and flexibility over their account, organising their prices and orders all in one place

Fluid Commerce is a specialist B2B Magento agency, experienced in complex builds and integrations. We’ll help you:

  • Gain the competitive advantage with a Magento B2B ecommerce platform that provides the efficiency buyers are looking for
  • Sell to multiple sites and brands around the world with B2B features designed for sellers

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Why Fluid Commerce?

Fluid Commerce is a silver-level Adobe solution partner and experienced Adobe Commerce B2B development agency. In the last five years, we've developed and supported seven B2B Magento sites.

Advanced Integrations

Complex integrations with CRMs and ERPs are integral to B2B businesses. Whether you are using a third-party or custom-built system, we will create a seamless integration with your ecommerce platform.

Large Product Volumes

Huge product catalogues with advanced customer pricing are commonplace when it comes to B2B. Having worked with catalogues of more than 250 million effective SKUs, our development team are no stranger to some of the most complex product setups.

Complexity Made Simple

Our team understands the responsibility of building and supporting a B2B ecommerce solution. We simplify even the most complex requirements through our rigorous project process and create an ecommerce solution that ensures continued growth.

With over 70,000 products, check out our work for Stone Group here

Unsure where to begin?

To find out more about our Magento B2B pricing or Magento B2B features, a chat with one of specialists is the best place to start.

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B2B Adobe Commerce Features

Adobe Commerce B2B is specifically designed for B2B ecommerce websites, with features and functionality that are tailored to the needs of B2B merchants.

Magento B2B ecommerce features and functions include:

  • Create and manage multiple customer accounts
  • Request quotes
  • Set up complex pricing and discount rules
  • Hassle-free purchasing
  • Multi-channel selling
  • Full scalability
  • Rich, personalised experiences
  • Company account management
  • Support for bulk order processing
  • Customisable catalogues and order forms
  • Integrations with third-party systems such as CRMs and ERPs

  • Take a look at the full list of B2B Adobe Commerce features here

    Don't take our word for it

    • Forrester, the most influential research firm in the world, declared Adobe Commerce as a leader in B2B & B2C commerce
    • Gartner featured Adobe Commerce as a leader in their Magic Quadrant

    "It’s critically important to the current and future success of our business that we are able to offer families an excellent online experience. The results achieved so far have been extremely encouraging and with the increase in revenue and mobile conversions, the website is clearly hitting the mark with customers."

    Rowena Allen, Marketing Manager, Trutex

    What to know about Adobe Commerce B2B features or starting a Magento B2B development project with us?

    Then contact us here and our team will get in touch with you asap.

Silver Adobe Solution Partner

Your B2B Magento 2 Project

A typical Adobe Commerce or Magento Open Source project will take 16 weeks to complete from sign-off of the technical specification through to design and development, testing and launch.

Your project will include a discovery phase which will cover user experience research, a technical specification and initial wireframe development. This will be followed by the design and development phase, including any UI design, custom integrations and initial migrations.

We will then progress into the launch phase with final migrations and testing, with the option for technical SEO and speed optimisation add-ons.

Magento B2B Project Timeline
Magento B2B Project Timeline
Magento B2B Project Timeline


Discover more from Adobe and Fluid Commerce:

Stone Group Case Study

Stone Group is one of the UK’s largest circular IT solution providers to educational, public and private organisations. In 2022, we transformed their brochure website into an advanced B2B Adobe Commerce site.

Featuring a advanced integration with Klevu, client-specific portals, seamless connectivity with Stone's internal ERP system that handles over 70,000 products.

Customer-first experience
Client-specific Portals
Manage 70,000+ products
Seamless ERP Connectivity
Automate & simplify
Integrated B2B Capabilites

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