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Magento B2B

Scale your B2B brand with complex Magento functionality

B2B brands are experiencing rapid growth in the ecommerce market, but there are specific complexities and challenges that come with selling to businesses online. With extra challenges for products, payments, customers and more, you need a well-equipped ecommerce platform to help scale your business.

Magento 2 Commerce and Magento 2 Commerce Cloud are both suited for B2B ecommerce brands and have been built with their existing B2B market in mind.

Magento 2 Accreditations
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Why Magento for B2B?

  • Ease of entry With Magento 2’s innovative infrastructure, launching an online shopping experience is simple and affordable for B2B brands.
  • Increase sales and boost revenues With an online shopping experience to complement your offline sales process, you can increase your business exposure and boost sales.
  • Save time and focus on scalability Digitise your procurement and sales process to free your time and empower you to focus on growth.
  • B2B-specific features Take advantage of functionality built for B2B brands, including custom catalogues and pricing, convenient B2B reordering, quote management tools, account management tools, buyer roles and permissions, and B2B infrastructure.
  • Tailored B2B approach Create a bespoke and effective B2B ecommerce experience with a deployment model that meets your needs and objectives.
  • B2B integrations Magento integrates with your existing systems, creating a seamless shopping experience for your customers and team.
Magento Professional Solution Partner

Your Magento 2 Project

A typical Magento 2 project will take 16 weeks to complete from sign-off of the technical specification through to design and development, testing and launch.

Your project will include a discovery phase which will cover user experience research, a technical specification and initial wireframe development. This will be followed by the design and development phase, including any UI design, custom integrations and initial migrations.

We will then progress into the launch phase with final migrations and testing, with the option for technical SEO and speed optimisation add-ons.

Magento B2B Project Timeline
Magento B2B Project Timeline
Magento B2B Project Timeline

Whispering Smith Results

We built a powerful B2B solution for Whispering Smith that allowed the team to utilise core built-in B2B functionality, including custom catalogues. With this, their clients can view their exclusive product catalogues and the Whispering Smith sales team can showcase products in catalogues whilst on-site visiting clients.
Online registrations in the first year
Project stadistic result 4,000
Improvement in cost-per-acquisition
Project stadistic result 52 %
Increase in revenue from paid search
Project stadistic result 511 %

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