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Magento B2B Key Features

The unique features & functionality of B2B Adobe Commerce

Why choose Magento for your B2B site

Adobe Commerce (Magento) is built for B2B ecommerce businesses. It’s integrated features and functionality come out of the box as standard.

With a Magento B2B website, you’ll save time, money and resources by using an ecommerce platform that has been designed from the ground up to support your business needs.

From customer accounts to bulk order processing, Adobe Commerce is the leader in B2B ecommerce.

Read on to discover all of its powerful features.

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Outstanding B2B Functionality

Company Account Management

  • Customer specific groups, catalogues and pricing
  • Allow customers to request quotes and negotiate pricing
  • Control customers with multiple buyers and tiered organisational structures
  • Allow companies to define specific buyer roles, permissions, shipping options, and approval workflows.
  • Reduce inquires with self-service order, quote, credit, and invoice tracking.
  • Self-service portals to let customers access invoices, order history, company credit, buying permissions and requisition lists

Rich, personalised experiences

  • Drag-and-drop category merchandising tools
  • Segment and target customers with personalised content, product recommendations and promotions
  • Create and control pages with no-dev-required drag-and-drop PageBuilder
  • Advanced AI search, advanced filtering and navigation capabilities
  • Smart AI powered product recommendations, up-selling and cross-selling features

Hassle-free purchasing

  • Maximise sales by accepting payments on account and via credit cards and more
  • Allow customers to create requisition lists
  • Quick customise and reorder functionality
  • Approve and provide businesses with account credit
  • Two-step checkout for streamlined purchasing journey
  • Customers can bulk order and order by SKU by entering or uploading a CSV
  • Provide flexible fulfilment options with support for shipping and in-branch pickup.

Multi-Channel Selling

  • Unify your ecommerce with a single platform that is a B2B and B2C leader
  • Manage websites for multiple brands, channel partners, countries, or customers from one interface
  • Efficiently control your Amazon listings, inventory, and order fulfilment from Adobe Commerce
  • Implement new selling models with built-in support for digital goods and services and marketplace extensions
  • Enable field-based sales and purchasing with a responsive site

Integrations, extensions & reporting

  • Understand your business and customers with advanced reporting tools
  • Seamless integration with back-office systems such as ERPs, CRMs and financial systems
  • Open API to create, build and connect custom systems
  • Extend the platform with custom development or with modules from the extension marketplace

Full Scalability

  • Supports large growing product catalogues and high traffic volumes
  • Support multiple languages and currencies with advanced tax rules
  • Unified ecommerce with a single platform capable of hosting multiple websites
  • Optional Cloud Global hosting supplied by your choice of Azure or AWS
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