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How to Turbocharge Your Magento Store with Hyvä

How to Turbocharge Your Magento Store with Hyvä

In the dynamic realm of ecommerce, the emphasis on swift, efficient performance cannot be stressed enough. With the market flooded with various frontend technologies, Magento stores have a promising contender in their arsenal: Hyvä.

A product born out of necessity and frustration with the existing offerings, it is proving to be a game-changer. To explain why, we hosted a panel talk in September 2023 at the Salesfire Summit between Rob Pimlott, Fluid’s Ecommerce Account Director, and John Hughes, Hyvä’s VP Enterprise Solutions.

The topic of that talk was: How to Turbocharge Your Magento Store with Hyvä.

This article covers what was discussed during that panel session, so let’s dive in.

A Brief Introduction to Hyvä

Hyvä is not just another frontend for Magento / Adobe Commerce. The project was initiated due to founder Willem Wigman’s discontent with the Luma Theme’s sluggishness and the cumbersome development experience.

Willem believed that the prevalent headless/PWA solutions weren’t fitting for most merchants. And so Hyvä was born, aiming at performance and understanding the significance of page speed (Core Web Vitals) in dictating costs.

Why Hyvä Stands Out

Speed: The standout feature of Hyvä is its impeccable speed. In today’s era where milliseconds can decide a purchase decision, Hyvä doesn’t disappoint.

Compatibility: Hyvä has outshone competitors like Adobe PWA Venia in compatibility. Module providers. Third-party software vendors have consistently reported smoother integrations with Hyvä.

Development Ease: Our developers at Fluid Commerce have found Hyvä to be more intuitive to use and efficient than Luma and PWA Venia. This not only translates to reduced costs for clients but also means businesses can focus on growth and manage more projects simultaneously.

Cost Efficiency: For those without bottomless budgets, Hyvä offers a more cost-effective alternative, especially when compared to headless technologies.

The Vitality of Speed and Performance

At the Salesfire Summit, John said: “Speed translates to revenue.”

Google now incorporates Core Web Vitals as a ranking element, enhancing SEO, driving more traffic, and boosting conversion rates.

Fast speeds = good core web vitals = great revenue.

Rob, with his experience from the merchant side, added: “In the age of 5G and fibre optics, a slow ecommerce store is inexcusable.”

Numerous studies over the years have validated the direct correlation between a fast, efficient website and higher purchase likelihood.

In essence, customers equate speed with reliability. With Hyvä and Adobe Commerce/Magento Open Source, this expectation is genuinely met.

Why Should Magento Retailers Consider Hyvä?

  • Improved speed, reduced costs, and enhanced metrics
  • Future-proofing and quicker adaptability
  • Developer-friendly experience, creating a robust ecosystem and collaborative support
  • Better control and streamlined development resulting in cost savings
  • Challenges and costs associated with PWA/headless are sidestepped
  • Enhanced compatibility with payment systems, reviews, module providers, and more
  • Innovative features, notably in checkout

Success Stories: The Hyvä Effect

Wolvende: After migrating from Shopify to a Hyvä-based Magento platform, they reported an 18% revenue growth and 11% conversion rate boost within six months.

Citizen Watches: They witnessed a staggering 147% revenue increment, attributed to a 36% surge in conversion rate.

Adopt Beauty Products: A 10-fold speed performance led to a 45% spike in sales, accompanied by a 28% growth in organic traffic.

Sophie Conran: Their page speed improved by 260%, catalysing a 15% rise in conversion and an impressive 74% revenue boost.

Join the Hyvä Revolution

For Magento store owners and prospective adopters, the choice seems clear. Hyvä is not just an alternative; it’s a revolution in frontend technology, promising speed, efficiency, and undeniable growth potential.

Get in touch today to discuss the future of your brand.

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