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What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

What is Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO)?

Conversion rate optimisation (or CRO) isn’t the mysterious art form you might think it is. At its core, it’s pretty straightforward really.

Unconvinced? Let’s take a closer look…

CRO is all about finding ways to turn more of your website’s visitors into customers. That’s not to say it’s simple to perfect a CRO strategy though! A lot of work goes into crafting a perfectly optimised website.

CRO techniques use a combination of analytics and A/B testing to streamline and perfect a website’s entire sales process from beginning to end. From website performance checks to identifying key areas for improvement and implementing changes to make a site as user-friendly as possible, successful CRO optimisation programmes delve deep into data to offer businesses key insights into their site’s performance.

What can CRO do for your business?

Optimising your website using CRO techniques can have many benefits, including:

  • More sales

An optimised website (when optimised by a pro, of course) sells more. It’s that simple. CRO helps online stores to spot areas of weakness that could be preventing visitors converting.

  • Increased order value

CRO doesn’t just optimise one area of the sales process. A skilfully executed CRO strategy will optimise the entire sales process from landing page to checkout. The result? Customers will not only be more likely to buy from you, they’ll be more likely to buy more, giving you a higher average order value (AOV).

  • Happier customers

Happy shoppers are far more likely to return to your online store and make repeat purchases. CRO streamlines and optimises the sales process, giving visitors the hassle-free shopping experience of their dreams.

  • Increased profitability

Competition between online retailers is fierce. Ensuring you offer a seamless shopping experience is essential if you want to stay one step ahead of your competition and maximise your profits. Optimised websites make it easier for visitors to navigate products and easier to buy them. More sales = increased profits.

  • Improved efficiency

A streamlined website, perfectly optimised to maximise sales and guide visitors through the conversion funnel (the journey customers take through your site that result in a desired action, like a sale), will improve the efficiency of your entire sales process.

Do you want to convert more clicks into customers?

At Fluid Digital, we’ve combined industry-leading Magento ecommerce know-how with conversion rate optimisation expertise. The result? We have the knowledge and experience need to take ecommerce sites further than the competition. Get your free mini audit from our CRO team and find out once and for all if your online store could be achieving more.

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