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100 Mile February Challenge

100 Mile February Challenge

This month, Fluid Commerce have signed up to take part in a 100 Mile Challenge to raise money for FoodCycle.

Over the course of February’s 28 days, we will complete 100 miles on foot, either by walking, running or a mixture of the two. It’s a tough task with the cold, rain and dark evenings to content with, but we’re excited to raise money for this fantastic charity.

Want to take part or donate to FoodCycle? View the 100 Mile Challenge instructions here.

About FoodCycle

“Communities are built around FoodCycle meals: guests and volunteers meet new people and make friends, eat with those from different walks of life and share conversations with one another.”

Get Involved

There’s two ways to get involved in fundraising for FoodCycle. The first is to take part!

If you want to take on the 100 Mile Challenge, there are three simple steps to sign up:

That’s it! For the full joining instructions, plus top tips to complete the challenge, download our guide here.

The second way to get involved is to give a donation. Visit our Justgiving page here.

Follow our progress on social media – Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn.

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