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5 Steps to Take When Searching for the Right PPC Agency

5 Steps to Take When Searching for the Right PPC Agency

Choosing the right PPC agency has become growingly difficult with a number of options to choose from, coming in a variety of different sizes and specialisms. So how do you pick the right PPC agency for your brand? The PPC market is at an all time high with what seems like a new agency opening its doors everyday across the UK.

The PPC landscape has changed dramatically in the last five years with the relationship between agency and client dramatically changing, becoming much more client centric.

Here are some key considerations we’d recommend making when it comes to choosing the right PPC agency for your brand.


#1 – Defining Your Goals & What You Want To Achieve

Before you even start delving into the agency landscape, you need to understand your own business needs and really understand what you are trying to achieve and the services you need to get to your end goal. It’s worth creating a list of questions to ask your potential agency to see if they fit your needs.


#2 – Look for Agency Specialisms

As the agency landscape becomes more crowded, specialist agencies are popping up, specialising in multiple spheres, from pharmaceuticals to fashion. You may also want to consider if you want an agency that deals with more than one service in the same place. Do you want an agency that can handle the development or your site or deal with your Amazon marketplaces alongside your PPC accounts.


#3 – Look for Case Studies & Evidence

An experienced agency should be able to provide you with case studies demonstrating the quality of their work. They may not divulge all the details to protect the privacy of the clients, but they should clearly show how their methodology drives success and what results were achieved.

Look for case studies where the client is in your vertical or has a similar challenge that you have.


#4 – Understand the Pricing Structure Options

Pricing models change from agency to agency with some charging on ad spend and others modelling their management fee on revenue. You need to find what best fits your business model. You may find that you also may be able to strike up a deal on fixed fee per month dependent on ad spend/revenue.


#5 – Look for Culture Fit

One of the most important factors of choosing an agency is down to culture fit as you need to enjoy working with the agency and the people within. Do you strike a good rapport with the people within the agency and can you see yourself working with them long term, nurturing a healthy long term relationship?


Finding the Right Agency

Finding the right agency can be a minefield but if you make sure to start with a clear direction on what your business goals are and match agency specialisms to your specific sector, you’re heading in the right direction to choosing the right agency for you. Once you’ve found a handful of agencies that fit your needs make sure you get all the relevant evidence, this can either be in the form of case studies or a tailored proposal. This should whittle down the agencies you want to work with. Culture fit should be your next port of call to ensure you can nurture a long lasting relationship with your agency and the people you’re going to be working with.

If you’re want to discuss your options for PPC and are interested in how we approach our campaigns, get in touch with our expert team.

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