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6 Reasons Why Fashion & PPC Is the Perfect Combination

6 Reasons Why Fashion & PPC Is the Perfect Combination

PPC is a strategy used by many retailers to boost sales and drive traffic to their online store, especially for those in the fashion industry. Paid search with Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising can support high-growth retailers and help online brands achieve ecommerce success.

Paid search can empower brands with extra visibility, can help online stores compete with larger retailers and can increase brand interest.

So why is it that fashion ecommerce and PPC is a perfect combination for growth?


#1 – Promote your Fashion Promotions

Whether you want to promote a specific range, or you want to run a one-off or seasonal promotion, paid search can support your marketing efforts by boosting the visibility of your latest offers and sale events.

Promotion Extensions was a new feature released with Google Ads over two years ago, and allows you to highlight your promotional event within your ads, proving more details about the offer on your search campaigns.

Promotion Extensions

Your promotional strategy, with the support of paid search, can help to ensure you remain competitive within a crowded fashion market.


#2 – Show Off Imagery with Showcase Shopping

Google Ads also have new Showcase Shopping ads which display multiple products in an ad with extra imagery, similar to Facebook’s Carousel ads.

Fashion retailers naturally have many visual assets, across product imagery and lifestyle imagery. However, it has historically been difficult to take advantage of these when exploring digital advertising – search has predominantly been text-only and social ads in their infancy were limited in imagery. Now, advertising platforms are offering many alternative visual ads which fashion retailers can use to sell their products.

Shopping Showcase

Showcase Shopping ads, and similar visual ads, can be beneficial for fashion retailers with ‘window shoppers’ who are browsing broadly.


#3 – Remarketing

Digital advertising and paid search allows you to develop a strategy through all stages of the purchasing funnel, through various different ad types and audience lists, including a comprehensive remarketing strategy.

This will ensure you can constantly reengage with new customers, site visitors and loyal shoppers, encouraging them to purchase frequently.

You can engage remarketing lists with video, responsive display, search and shopping ads at each touchpoint of their journey, providing an effective and engaging customer experience.


#4 – The Perfect Partner to Social

Digital advertising helps to drive traffic and sales from other platforms too, with remarketing. When a customer views and clicks from a social ad, visits the site and leaves, you can promote ads to them once again with paid search and remarketing – the perfect partner to social.

You can re-engage with potential shoppers through granular audience targeting, ensuring bids are more competitive for those who are more likely to convert.


#5 – Complete the Conversion Funnel

Paid search can further the reach of your products and can even aid in completing the full conversion journey. For any retailer, customers will engage with your brand across many digital touchpoints and these can be taken advantage of with PPC, through the use of display ads, search ads, remarketing ads etc.

Holding this ad space can be beneficial as you then reduce the risk of competitors disrupting this customer journey, and will keep you front of mind.


#6 – Brand Protection

We always recommend that retailers have branded campaigns to make sure ads appear when customers search for your brand. Creating a PPC campaign for your brand terms will ensure you’re protected from competitors or resellers gaining market share for bidding on your brand terms.


Make an Impact with PPC

Fashion is a crowded market and it is only set to grow and become more challenging. Ecommerce Managers and Marketing Managers need to use all of the platforms in their armoury in order to make a mark and take their products to market, including PPC.

If you’re interested in how we can help you promote your fashion brand using Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising, get in touch.

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