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Magento Commerce Teams Up with Trustpilot

Magento Commerce Teams Up with Trustpilot

Would you buy a product without any reviews? Many wouldn’t. These days, reviews have become an essential part of online shopping. And Magento has recognised this with their latest integration. The leading ecommerce platform has teamed up with Trustpilot to provide on-site reviews for products and services.

Read on as we take a look at Magento’s recent addition…

The power of online reviews

It’s no secret that consumer reviews play a huge role in influencing purchase decisions. The latest stats reveal that 90% of customers read online reviews before progressing to the checkout.

Think word of mouth is the most powerful form of advertising? Turns out 88% of consumers give as much credit to online reviews as they do personal recommendations.

Trustpilot teams up with Magento

While Amazon reigns in the one-day delivery department and TripAdvisor is a go-to source for travel, Trustpilot has emerged as the leader in online business reviews. Championing the real inside story, the global platform empowers consumers with the scope to read, write and share reviews for over 200,000 businesses.

Now, Magento has collaborated with Trustpilot to offer merchants the chance to source and showcase reviews on products and services. As well as unlocking deep business insight, this new customer-centric approach will offer Magento clients the scope to strengthen brand reputation, drive customer retention and harness tangible marketing benefits:

  • Sparking customer dialogue

When it comes to sparking customer dialogue, the new Trustpilot-Magento integration definitely opens new doors. Not only are customers 15% more likely to purchase when they see companies addressing problems online, but a huge 70% will return if their problem is resolved.

  • Driving online growth

As well as a Trustpilot presence, Magento Commerce merchants will be eligible for Google Seller Ratings, an “automated extension” of Google AdWords that often serves as a first point of contact for online consumers.

  • Building brand credibility

Trustpilot has been helping customers buy with confidence since 2007. But it’s not a one-way street. Simultaneously, the platform helps businesses harness the power of reviews by supporting a shared customer experience that dynamically builds brand trust and transparency.

A proactive approach to sourcing reviews

Keeping in line with its trademark user-friendly interface, Magento has made it super-easy to add reviews to Magento Commerce sites. Simply download the Magento App, follow the installation instructions and watch the reviews roll in. An automated customer feedback loop proactively invites customers to review products and services based on previous orders. That means you’ll never miss out on glowing feedback or the chance to address an issue and strive for total customer satisfaction.

“Behind every review is an experience that matters”

Peter Mühlmann, CEO of Trustpilot is passionate about his company’s mantra that “behind every review is an experience that matters”. Ultimately, it’s this sense of customer empowerment that makes Trustpilot such a formidable force in both the online and bricks-and-mortar spheres.

“Simply put, businesses that actively invite and promote customer feedback build stronger, better performing brands. Just by listening to their customers and establishing two-way communication, e-commerce owners and managers unlock a wealth of knowledge that can propel the brand and the business forward. Our partnership with Magento Commerce allows strong brands to continue to excel while helping others constantly refine their service and offerings. It’s a huge win for businesses and consumers alike.”

Improving user experience

With over two billion reviews seen every month and a sky-high Alexa rank of 889, joining forces with Trustpilot marks a new era of online exposure for Magento Commerce merchants. It also makes it much easier for customers to access reviews and shop with confidence.

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