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Magento Launch B2B Resource Hub

Magento Launch B2B Resource Hub

Magento have launched a new online tool for B2B businesses – the Magento B2B Resource Hub. Designed to help make the transition to digital as smooth as possible, the hub contains a wide range of tools, content, and event information to help companies gain the competitive edge online.

What you will find in the hub

Magento have made a wealth of content and tools from their community of innovators and experts available for download via the hub, including:

  • Insights on how the B2B commerce landscape is evolving
  • How to reduce cost of service for improved profitability
  • Expert advice on how to get your digital transformation started
  • Information on how to streamline the customer buying experience
  • Tips for staying competitive and driving B2B growth
  • B2B industry benchmark reports for comparison


Join the B2B Commerce Revolution

Is your business gearing up for a digital transformation? Magento is here to help you prepare for the future of commerce be offering valuable insights, strategies and tactics.

Despite the rapid evolution of digital commerce and the opportunities this transformation presents, many businesses do struggle to keep pace with the changing digital landscape and take the necessary steps to make the most of these opportunities. This is where Magento’s resources can help.

Whether you want to deliver winning buying experiences, enhance your growth tactics or discover new insights to support your digital transformation, the Magento B2B Resource Hub has all the tools and advice you could ever need – and more.

Maximise Your B2B Experience

B2B commerce is changing. Is your business keeping up? Here’s just a little taste of what your customers can expect from a B2B shopping experience powered by Magento:

  • Mobile-optimised experiences: Business buyers move fast – and your website should too. Magento offers buyers a seamless, mobile-optimised and, above all, engaging experience on any device. Whether accessed on mobile, desktop or tablet, your website will be optimised for sales and promotional activities in any setting.
  • Effortless ordering: With an impressive selection of convenient purchasing options, buyers are able to place orders quickly and easily online by entering SKUs, uploading CSV files, or choosing from pre-set requisition lists.
  • Smart Order & inventory management: Manage orders for all sales channels whilst giving customers an accurate, real-time inventory from across your supply chain.
  • Effortless integration: 93% of B2B buyers prefer to purchase online. Magento’s effortless cloud commerce software makes this possible, and consistently delivers market-leading, high-performance purchasing experiences. Customers are in search of intuitive, reliable buying experiences, and that is exactly what Magento offers.


Magento Development Services

As a Magento Solution Partner, we bring the highest level of Magento experience and expertise to the table. Whether you’re eager to increase sales, save time or grow as a business, we’ll help you to reach your goals by creating an online shopping experience that brands and customers love.

To learn more about our Magento Development Services, get in touch today. Our Magento experts are always happy to chat and discuss ways to improve your B2B commerce offering.

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