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Official Magento Partner Vs. Non-Partner: What’s Best for Me?

Official Magento Partner Vs. Non-Partner: What’s Best for Me?

Are you launching a new Magento store? If so, you’ll definitely want the right team helping you. Even if you’re simply migrating a pre-existing site over to Magento or upgrading it to the latest version of Magento, finding the best possible agency for the task is crucial if you’re counting on a successful outcome. So, where’s the best place to start?

When you approach agencies to discuss your project, not all of them will be accredited Magento partners. But does that really matter? Is there actually a big difference between an official Magento partner verses non-partners?

In short, yes.

To explain why, we’ve put together a list of the benefits of working with an official Magento partner:

  • Technical Support: Magento’s partners have full access to Magento’s customer support team. This means that issues can be resolved quickly and with minimal delay. For lightning-fast technical support, you can’t go wrong with an official Magento partner.
  • Software Access: Magento partners have full access to Magento software and are also eligible for early access to new software and beta programs.
  • Strategy: There are many benefits to working with an official Magento partner, however, one of the key benefits is that all partners are regularly invited to Magento strategy meetings, where product plans and initiatives are shared and discussed.
  • Training: Ecommerce is a rapidly developing industry, so it’s important to stay on top of training and new trends. That’s why all Magento partners have access to ongoing product training. This includes access to Magento University, where commerce training courses keep marketers, designers and developers up to date.
  • Quality: When you choose a Magento partner, you know what you are getting. As the world’s leading commerce platform, Magento provides the highest level of service to its clients. All Magento partners are required to uphold exceptional service at all times and must consistently meet a strict quality score on client surveys.
  • Current: Partners don’t gain their Magento accreditation overnight. It takes years of training and hands-on practical experience. Partners are also required to stay active and current, producing new sites regularly each and every year.
  • Business Focus: Official Magento partners often have a special focus on business commerce and systems integration. Design and marketing services are often secondary. Ecommerce websites are designed to not only look great, they’re built on solid foundations using state-of-the-art Magento software.
  • Lines of communication: Magento partners have direct access to a wide range of Magento support services, including product, sales, marketing and customer support teams. This ensures that any problems, queries or updates can be handled quickly and efficiently.
  • Best Practices: Magento ensures that all Magento partners are aware of, and up to date with, Magento best practices. This guarantees an exceptional level of service and customer care at every stage.
  • Magento vetting of the partner: All Magento partners must have shown demonstrable success in using Magento applications and resources. When you work with an official Magento partner, you can be certain that you are working with a fully-committed, Magento-vetted and approved partner who has been trained in all aspects of Magento design and development.

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