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UK Shoppers Most Likely to Switch Retailers if They Experience Problems Ordering Online

UK Shoppers Most Likely to Switch Retailers if They Experience Problems Ordering Online

Research by YouGov has revealed that 63% of UK online shoppers would consider switching to an alternative retailer if they experienced problems with their online order.

The JDA/Centiro Customer Pulse Report Europe 2016 surveyed 8000 European shoppers across the UK, France, Germany and Sweden to establish the latest trends in online shopping.

Key findings include:

  • Cost was the most important factor for 50% of those ordering goods online for home delivery.
  • Only 16% of UK shoppers reported speed to be the most important factor in ordering goods online, compared with 21% of German respondents and 12% of Swedish respondents.
  • 50% of those surveyed had experienced a problem with an online order in the last 12 months.
  • 30% of those surveyed report returning an item bought online an average of twice every year.
  • 46% of European ecommerce shoppers had returned items because they did not meet their expectations.
  • Overall, 16% admitted to buying multiple items with the intention of returning unsuitable items that they did not want. However, this figure was much higher in Germany, with 23% stating that they bought items with the intention of returning them.
  • 72% of UK respondents expect standard delivery (3-5 days) to be free. This compares with 55% of respondents in Germany and France, and 61% in Sweden.

Jason Shorrock, vice president of retail strategy EMEA at JDA, said: “The growth of online retail shows no sign of slowing down – with retailers competing ever more aggressively for sales and offering an increasing array of fulfilment options. Delivering a high level of service in an efficient and profitable manner remains a challenge for many retailers.

“As our research shows, last-mile issues continue to negatively impact the customer experience and customers are more willing to go elsewhere if their expectations aren’t being met. The good news for retailers is that customers appear to be willing to exceed order thresholds if it qualifies them for free delivery or collection. Now, more than ever, it is important for retailers to ensure they are offering outstanding customer service, or they risk damaging customer relationships and revenue.”

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