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3 Social Media Blunders Your Business Must Avoid

3 Social Media Blunders Your Business Must Avoid

Having a social media presence for your business is crucial, but posting one tweet a month will get your business nowhere. Top get you started, we’ve looked at three of the most common blunders. Avoid them at your peril!

1. Poor Planning

In order for your social media activities to yield results you’ll need to do a fair bit of planning before you post. Here are a few tips to get you started:

  – Know your audience – Cute puppy pictures are great, but if your target audience is made up of time-strapped Lawyers looking for topical news commentary – you’re better off avoiding them. Take the time to think about the content of your posts. Are you engaging people or simply irritating them?
  – Set goals – Think about how your social media activities can benefit your business. Whether you want to drive people towards your website, increase engagement on your Facebook page or generate leads, having goals will give your social media activities a definite purpose. A well-thought-out content strategy is key.
  – Have a posting routine – Finding time to post can be hard and. Let’s face it, long periods of inactivity on your social pages doesn’t look great.  Consider setting aside an hour on Monday’s to plan your posting schedule for the week ahead.

2. Posting Constantly

Sharing is caring – or so they say – but it’s easy to get this wrong with social media. Despite what you may think, nobody wants to read 25 of your Facebook posts a day. Spamming Twitter feeds and overdoing it on Facebook in the hopes of generating more leads will only backfire in the long run.

If you’re not sure how many updates to share, 5 to 10 posts per week on Facebook and 3 on Twitter is ideal according to Socialbakers. If you’re pushed for time, try scheduling your posts with the help of social management tools. It’s not a great idea to schedule everything – you’ll need to leave a bit of room for topical conversation – but organising and planning your posts ahead of time will really take the pressure off on Monday’s.

3. Ignoring People

Responding is VERY important. This applies to negative feedback as well – you should always address it – just make sure you’re professional.

Increasing numbers of people are making casual enquiries via Twitter and other social media groups. What time do you open today? Can I bring my dog? Do you charge for quotes? It doesn’t matter if the answers are on your company website – there’s no excuse for ignoring requests for information coming through your social media accounts.

Think about it – you wouldn’t ignore the phone at the office would you?  Not only do timely responses demonstrate that your business is active and trading, but they also help build trust and show that you care.

Get started!

So there you have it – plan, post and communicate. With a little forethought, managing your social media accounts needn’t be difficult. If you’re struggling with social media management why not let Fluid Digital guide you. We are an award-winning agency specialising in web design, Magento ecommerce and digital marketing. Give us a call on 0161-762-4920 to find out more.

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