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Adobe Commerce B2B: Pay on Account & Quotations

Adobe Commerce B2B: Pay on Account & Quotations

B2B buyers seek fast, flexible and convenient ways of trading. Traditional repeat order channels such as email, phone or account teams can be:

  • Slow
  • Resource intensive
  • prone to mistakes
  • Provide an inconsistent experience

An online sales channel like a B2B Trade Portal can provide a consistent and predictable experience from purchase to delivery.

With a B2B Trade Portal, like the one provided by Adobe Commerce, buyers know when they place their order they will:

  • Receive immediate feedback in the simple form of an order confirmation page and email
  • Get updates on their order step-by-step
  • Be able to double check transactional information anytime and track order progress within their account area

These self-servicing abilities provide customers with a consistent buying experience.

And by automating repetitive functions like order processing and communication, your existing account management team will be freed up to nurture key customers. They’ll have the time to become more proactive and grow those accounts.

Pay On Account

One way Adobe Commerce provides customers convenience and flexibility is with the Pay On Account functionality.

Upon application and during account creation you can choose to negotiate and apply credit limits to chosen accounts. You can extend this further by allowing the customer to exceed the credit limit by a set amount.

This key benefits of offering Pay On Account include:

Enhancing Customer Relationships: Credit terms create trust and loyalty between buyers and sellers leading to long-term partnerships

Streamlined Transactions: Eliminating the need for immediate payment enables smoother and faster transactions, reducing friction in the buying process.

Encourage Increased Spend: Pay on Account enables customers to place large orders without the immediate financial worry. This flexibility can lead to increased order sizes and and/or frequency.

Improved Cash Flow: Your buyers can align their payments with their business cycles.

Attract new business: Many B2B buyers appreciate the convenience of delayed payments and will seek this service and it could differentiate your business in the market.

Customer view of their company credit account. (Credit Adobe Commerce)


An additional way to provide buyer convenience is via Adobe Commerces quote functionality. Quotations present your customers with the ability to initiate the negotiation process on large orders.

Your team can then review the quote request and submit an offer for the applicant to consider.

The offer they provide can be quickly based on:

  • % discount
  • A set amount discount
  • Whole order discount
  • Line item discount

The user can then choose to negotiate further or accept the offer and proceed to place the order.

The key benefits of online quotations include:

Efficient Procurement Process: Provides your users with a standardised way for buyers to request and receive pricing.

Negotiation Flexibility: Offering the ability to negotiate online can provide competitive and enticing advice for new and existing customers.

Efficient negotiation: Online quotations offer a quick and structured way of negotiating, discussing terms and reducing back-and-forth communication.

Upselling Opportunities: Quotations offer opportunities for your team to discuss related products and provide insights, increasing the chances of upselling.

Adobe Commerce Admin view of a customer’s quote request. (Credit Adobe Commerce)

Reducing friction

The dynamics of B2B commerce demand innovative solutions over B2C that cater to many business needs.

Adobe Commerce’s Pay On Account and Quotations functionalities play vital roles in enabling customers to easily place and purchase large orders with the least amount of friction.

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