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12 Days of Christmas Ecommerce

12 Days of Christmas Ecommerce

The 12 Days of Christmas traditionally take place from the 25th of December till the 5th of January. However, this year we decided that there’s no time like the present to deliver a bundle of ecommerce gifts.

In the Fluid Commerce 12 Days of Ecommerce, we present to you the very best, most useful and exceedingly popular of our resources, reports and guides.

Designed to help you achieve ecommerce excellence, take a look below and get ready to accelarate your business growth in 2022.

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1. The Fluid Commerce Request For Proposal (RFP) Template

If you’re currently in the market to build a new ecommerce website, then providing prospective ecommerce agencies with a solid brief using the Fluid Commerce Request for Proposal (RFP) Template is a good place to start.

Writing an RFP gives you the opportunity to review what your website already has, and establish exactly what you want for the future.

Get started by downloading your RFP Template here

2. 11 Expert Ways to Increase Your Social Media Revenue

Do you wish your social media channels pulled their weight more? Our guide, created with @HubSpot, contains the 11 key ways you can increase your revenue using the likes of Facebook and Instagram.

In it, you’ll learn how to:

  • Perform an audit
  • Plan and schedule like a pro
  • Take advantage of advertising
  • Build a community
  • And more!

Download it here

3. Top 100 B2B Ecommerce Retailers

The first of our Ecommerce Reports to feature in our 12 Days of Ecommerce, we started 2020 with the publication of our Top 100 B2B Ecommerce Retailers Report.

To create the report, featured brands were marked across a number of criteria, designed to measure their ecommerce excellence. Toting up the criteria produced a final total that can be measured against a benchmark score.

Download the report now to discover your score, check out your competitors and gain inspiration.

4. How to Drive Sales With User Generated Content

Reviews, photos and videos posted by your customers could be just the ticket to spruce up your website and social media channels.

Find out how to best take advantage of the User Generated Content at your disposal by checking out our webinar with Yotpo: How to Drive Sales With User Generated Content.

Featuring UGC experts Lawrence McNeill from Yotpo and our paid social manager Dominique Bell, you’ll find out:

  • What exactly UGC is
  • Why you need it
  • How to get your hands on it
  • What to do with it once you’ve got it

Watch the recording here

5. How to Create the Perfect Product Page

Did you know that with the perfect product page you can expect to see your sales volume, conversion rate and average order value increase?

Discover how to create the perfect product page for 2022 here.

6. Home & Garden Top 60 Ecommerce Report

The Home & Garden sector boom in 2020 and into 2021 – and our Top 50 Ecommerce Report captured all of the industry’s key players.

Browse through the report to find out which leading brands made the top 10 in 2021, and discover what they did in order to reach the top spot.

Download the guide here

7. The Ecommerce Excellence Calculator

How does your ecommerce site compare to your competitors? Is your site ‘excellent’ or merely average when it comes to delivering an optimal experience for shoppers that translates into sales?

Use our bespoke ecommerce excellence calculator and discover your ecommerce excellence score.

Try it here

8. How to Gain a Competitive Advantage with Social Media

On the 8th day of Christmas Ecommerce, let’s take a look at your social media channels. Most ecommerce brands now have an social media presence, but not many know how to gain a competitive edge.

Discover how to raise your profile and drive revenue in our comprehensive guide.

Read it now

9. Jewellery & Accessories Top 50 Ecommerce Report

Looking for Christmas present ideas? Our Jewellery & Accessories Top 50 Ecommerce Report could be just the thing to give you some inspiration.

Take a look through and discover:

  • Which Magento merchants are leading the pack
  • What technologies they’re using to deliver an outstanding ecommerce experience
  • Helpful examples of ecommerce excellence in practice

Get it here

10. Webinar: How to create the instore experience online

Join our ecommerce experts as they discuss everything you need to bring that IRL shopping experience online for the holiday season.

With the boom in shopping online showing no signs of slowing down, it’s critical your online store is the best it can possibly be for the peak trading season. Recreating the ‘in real life’ shopping experience online is a sure-fire way to delight your customers, drive sales and build long-term loyalty.

Watch the webinar and download a copy of the presentation by clicking here.

11. Social Media Audit

  • Want to find out how your social media accounts are performing?
  • Do you want to know where there’s room for improvement?
  • Are you considering advertising on social media but aren’t sure if it’s right for your brand?

To answer all of these questions, request an audit from our award-winning social media experts.

Request an audit here

12. Health & Beauty Top 50 Ecommerce Report

The last of our 2021 Ecommerce Reports, the Health & Beauty report highlights the three key players of ecommerce: Delivery, Speed, Payments & Checkout.

Download the report now to find out which leading Health & Beauty brands invested in these areas in order to reach the top 10.

Get the report

Here’s to a very merry – and successful – Christmas

With our round up of ecommerce resources, we hope you have everything you need to enjoy a very merry, and very successful, festive season.

If you need any advice or ideas for how to grow your business in 2022, get in touch with our ecommerce consultants. We’re at the ready to help you drive sales through Adobe Commerce website development, PPC, Paid Social and Amazon Marketing.

Get in touch here.

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