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Rescuing a custom-built site with Adobe Commerce PWA

Designer Childrenswear sells a range of designer children’s clothing from its online site and flagship store in Sunderland. The company sells clothing from brands such as Gucci, Fendi, Burberry and Versace to over 120 countries worldwide.

The Challenge

They came to us for Adobe Commerce (Magento 2) support as their PWA ecommerce site was plagued with issues that needed to be fixed urgently, particularly around payments.

However, we quickly discovered it wasn’t an Adobe Commerce PWA Studio site. It had, in fact, been custom built, and hard-coded, by their previous agency.

This meant they couldn't make even simple changes to their online storefront. It also meant they wouldn't gain access to any of the future new features, functionality or security upgrades released by Adobe Commerce.

Award-winning Website
european ecommerce award winner

The Strategy

Following our discovery, we recommended that we rebuild the frontend using Magento PWA Studio.

This would:

  • Allow easier adoption of current and future Adobe Commerce functionality
  • Improve security and minimise risk
  • Allow easier adoption of third-party modules and services
  • Reduce maintenance time and ongoing costs
  • Unrestrict agency support options going forward

In addition, we would upgrade the site to the latest 2.4.5 version, tidy up unused modules and correct the ongoing issues experienced with stock and payment.

What we did

Timescales were tight as the site needed to be launched - tested and bug-free - before Black Friday.

There were three elements that needed fixing urgently:

  • When a customer abandoned their basket, the stock wasn’t released from the basket in a timely fashion
  • Orders were being placed by customers but the system didn’t update properly in their payment gateway provider. This delayed orders in being shipped
  • Their current payment gateway was rejecting payments over a certain value

To correct these issues, we:

  • Used the default Magento functionality for stock so that it was only reserved when an order was successfully placed
  • Integrated Designer Childrenswear with Klarna directly to offer Pay in 3 and Pay in 30 Days
  • Moved the site to a new payment gateway, Mollie, in 36 hours - the fastest Mollie has ever been added to a new site!


We made sure that their shipping provider, Shipstation, and email provider, Dotdigital, continued to work smoothly as we moved the site to Adobe Commerce PWA Studio.

Adobe Commerce

We used the default Magento functionality and best practice, allowing the powerful ecommerce platform to shine.

Using PageBuilder, the Designer Childrenswear’s team can now fully customise the homepage, so they can quickly and easily update it for sales, promotions, seasonality etc

Ready for the Future

The project went smoothly and launched in plenty of time for Black Friday/Cyber Monday 2022.


Year-on-year, the company has seen fantastic organic performance:

  • YoY Conversion rate: 183.8%
  • YoY Transactions: 115.3%
  • YoY Revenue: 82.2%
  • By getting rid of the custom code, we allowed the front and backend systems of the site to communicate seamlessly together. This will future-proof the site, allowing it to be available for future Magento upgrades and releases on features, functionality and security.

    With Adobe Commerce PWA Studio, the site is stable and ready to scale as Designer Childrenswear grows.

    The recovery of the PWA went on to win Fashion, Apparel or Footwear Ecommerce Website of the Year at the 2023 European Ecommerce Awards

    2023 european ecommerce award winner View the website

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