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Adobe Commerce B2B: Customer Groups, Pricing & Catalogs

Adobe Commerce B2B: Customer Groups, Pricing & Catalogs

Whether you are a manufacturer, wholesaler or direct-to-consumer business, the demand for personalised customer experiences has never been more critical in today’s competitive environment.

There are three key Adobe Commerce B2B features that play a pivotal role in delivering this personalised experience:

  1. Customer Groups
  2. Customer Specific Pricing
  3. Shared Catalogs

Read on to discover what these features are in more detail and why you should include them in your B2B strategy.

1. Customer Groups in Adobe Commerce B2B

One of the standout features of Adobe Commerce B2B is its customer grouping capabilities. Customer Groups in Adobe Commerce goes beyond basic customer categorisation and allows merchants to intricately group together customers based on a diverse set of criteria.

Example criteria could be:

  • Demographic Insights
  • Purchase History
  • Customer Lifetime Value
  • Contractual discounts negotiated by sales teams

This level of segmentation allows sellers to hone in on nuances that make each customer unique. It empowers businesses to refine marketing strategies and communication to be tailored towards that customer group.

Adobe Commerce Customer Group Assign
Adobe Commerce Customer Group Assign

2. Customer Group Pricing in Adobe Commerce B2B

When it comes to B2B transactions, pricing is a critical aspect that can greatly impact the success of a business. Adobe Commerce B2B equips businesses with flexible pricing tools that cater to the complex pricing models often associated with B2B commerce.

Customer Pricing offers B2B merchants a dynamic approach to personalised pricing for a group of customers or a single customer for all products or specific categories. It can also be as granular as single products.

This benefits of customer specific pricing includes:

  • Flexibility for sales teams to negotiate specific account or customer group based pricing
  • Businesses looking to incorporate tiered pricing structures the flexibility to do so
  • Ability to provide personalised discounts based on customer loyalty and behaviour
  • Incentive larger and bulk orders

The ability to provide bespoke pricing to your customers provides a competitive advantage and empowers your sales team to be flexible during sales negotiations.

B2B customers can be motivated to make larger purchases and this level of personalisation can foster a culture of repeat orders.

Adobe Commerce Product Price Group Discount

3. Shared Catalogs in Adobe Commerce B2B

Adding another layer of sophistication to Adobe Commerce, Shared Catalogs enable merchants to create specialised product catalogs for specific customers or groups.

This functionality empowers businesses to showcase tailored product offerings based on the preferences and needs of distinct customer segments.

Shared catalog functionality allows:

  • Curated product selections to be tailored to specific customers or customer groups
  • Increased catalog relevance to specific customers or target groups
  • Tailored or private catalogs only available for certain customer accounts

By tailoring your categories to cater to individual customer requirements or segments, you enhance the relevance and eliminate any potential distractions from irrelevant or unavailable product ranges.

This streamlined approach ensures that customers can easily navigate from their initial exploration to the final purchase stage.

Shared Catalogs Grid

Refined B2B Customer Experience

The integration of Customer Groups, Customer Specific Pricing, and Custom Catalogs in Adobe Commerce represents a transformative leap toward a more refined customer experience.

This not only sets Adobe Commerce apart but also grants its users a distinct competitive edge.

The flexibility these features offer enables online merchants to negotiate tailored deals on specific products or categories, adapting seamlessly to the diverse needs and sizes of various business customers.

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