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Baie Botanique

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Improved return on ad spend
Project stadistic result 58 %
Increase in conversion rate
Project stadistic result 10 %
Baie Botanique

The client

Baie Botanique is a skincare retailer with a powerful botanical skincare range loaded with pure, natural ingredients and a high organic content, whilst keeping preservatives to a minimum.

The retailer had an established Shopify ecommerce site, but the brand was also selling on the Amazon marketplace. The retailer approached us to maximise their Amazon sales through optimisation of their current content and completely overhauling their advertising strategy.

Objectives and targets

The primary objective for the Baie Botanique team was to improve return on ad spend for their Amazon Advertising strategy. Their previous campaign was driving sales but at a high cost, and so they needed an experienced partner who could maximise sales whilst improving the total return on ad spend.

The brand was also keen on working with a partner who could provide detailed insight on the ad campaigns both on a holistic level, but also by country. The Amazon strategy covered eight countries (UK, US, Canada, France, Spain, Italy and Australia) and so the retailer needed insight into how each was performing, alongside their total campaign success.

Baie Botanique
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The campaign

What we did

  • Amazon Advertising

We completely refreshed their existing Amazon Advertising strategy to improve account health and build a more effective campaign that was able to improve return on ad spend.

As part of the overhaul, we also built stronger Sponsored Brand campaigns in order to protect their campaign from competitor bidding. This was a previous problem for the retailer, where key competitors were attempting to bid on the Baie Botanique brand.

We also managed their Amazon strategy across five languages (English, German, French, Spanish and Italian) to optimise content for their international customers. These languages were managed for the campaign keywords and ad copy within their Amazon Advertising strategy.

Finally, we created a custom report for the retailer that was able to demonstrate success for their global performance and for their country specific campaigns. This covered all eight countries, with all currencies converted. This was key for the retailer to be able to fully evaluate how the channel was performing.

Baie Botanique also placed second in our Health and Beauty 100: Ecommerce Report, a fantastic achievement for an ambitious retailer dedicated to high-growth.

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Baie Botanique Amazon store on desktop and mobile
The Fluid team are true Amazon experts and understand the unique challenges on the marketplace. Their knowledge into Amazon Advertising is excellent, and because of this we have been able to fully maximise our sales and improve our return on ad spend on the platform.
Sophie Oliver
Founder - Baie Botanique

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