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Who's the client?

StovesAreUs is a leading online retailer specialising in a wide range of stoves and related accessories. Despite its success, StovesAreUs was facing several challenges that hindered its online potential, prompting a strategic overhaul of its website.

The Objectives

For the redevelopment of the StovesAreUs website, the company had three key objectives:

  • Improve Site Performance and User Experience: StovesAreUs wanted to significantly enhance the performance of their website. This included increasing the speed of page loading, improving the Google Lighthouse Scores and improving the overall user experience to ensure smooth and efficient navigation for customers.
  • Resolve SEO and Indexing Issues: The new website has to be more easily discoverable and rank higher in search engine results
  • Streamline Development and Reduce Costs: The company sought to reduce development time and associated costs, speeding up the time it took to introduce simple or seasonal changes to the site

The Solution

In response to these challenges, we proposed that StovesAreUs transitioned its frontend to Hyvä Themes.

This strategic shift was inspired by the need for a more integrated and less problematic development environment, which Hyvä promised by being closer to the native Magento theming and architecture.

Hyvä Themes allows for greater flexibility and reduced development time compared to the traditional Luma theme.

Home & Garden Home & Garden

What we did

The Strategy

Following an in-depth discovery session, which also covered the brands current challenges and future goals, a strategy was created:

  • Move to Hyvä Themes
  • Add Hyvä Checkout
  • Tidy up the current design
  • Build new features for improved UX and CRO

The Implementation

Frontend Transition: We built and moved the frontend of the site onto Hyvä Themes.

UX Design Enhancements: Our development and UX Design team worked on a refresh to make the site more visually appealing and user friendly.

Improvements included:

  • Rounded edges and improved navigation
  • List view on categories to better highlight product details and USPs
  • Integration of an Instagram feed on homepage
  • Enhanced filter functionality powered by Amasty
CRO Features: To encourage more conversions, we built:

  • Advanced Search from Salesfire
  • Popular products carousel on category pages
  • Improved delivery date selector on product page
  • Instant price beater pop up
  • Related product recommendations in shopping basket and ‘add to cart’ pop up
  • A one-page checkout process with Hyvä Checkout that integrates with Mollie

Performance Optimization: As part of our work on optimising the performance of the site, we:

  • Moved it to a Corefinity server for improved cost efficiency
  • Built new custom modules to ensure compatibility with Hyvä, which focused on speed and user experience enhancements.
  • Followed Hyvä build guidelines to ensure performance was maintained
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Within a couple of weeks of going live, the new site has seen an incredible boost to it’s online performance. The Core Web Vitals score for Performance has improved from 28/100 to 99/100, demonstrating the rapid speed improvement.

By adopting Hyvä Themes frontend, the company will see a boost to its online presence through improved SEO and a superior user experience.

StovesAreUs can expect to see faster speeds, reduced bounce rates, improved customer satisfaction, and ultimately drive higher conversion rates.

This strategic transformation will ensure that StovesAreUs continues to thrive in the competitive online home & garden sector.

“Hyvä is an excellent choice for merchants like StovesAreUs as it helps their websites pass Google Core Web Vitals, even on mobile devices, boosts their SEO and Google SERP ranking and ensures superior overall shopper experience that eventually drives better conversion. That includes the one page Checkout built on Hyvä, that addresses all the reasons for cart abandonment and is easy to configure and customise.”

Thien-Lan Weber, VP Marketing and Strategy at Hyvä

Fluid Commerce has been exceptional, guiding us through every step with expertise and innovation. Moving to Hyvä Themes has catapulted our site's performance, user experience, and SEO rankings to new heights. We are now poised to deliver an unmatched online shopping experience, thanks to the cutting-edge features designed to enhance customer satisfaction and conversion rates.
Dave Duffy
Company Director - StovesAreUs

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