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Can You Get Involved with Magento’s Innovations Lab?

Can You Get Involved with Magento’s Innovations Lab?

Magento is known for its innovative outlook. And that’s largely down to its global community of developers, who create new tools and extensions to improve ecommerce for merchants and consumers. The problem? A lot of their efforts go unnoticed.

That’s why Magento has launched the Magento Innovations Lab, to give developers a chance to highlight their best work – and get the attention and recognition they deserve. Read on to see how you could get involved with the project.

Experimenting with Magento

The Magento Innovations Lab is looking for experimental implementations on Magento 2. This could be anything from augmented and virtual reality to automated intelligence and chatbots. Whatever it is, they want to see it in action. They want you to show them how it can enhance consumers’ front-end ecommerce experience and grow revenue for Magento merchants as a result.

The finer details

Fancy your chances? Here are the criteria your development needs to meet:

  • Built on Magento 2 – and exclusive to the Magento platform
  • A front-end implementation that focuses on customers
  • Submissions must be displayed as an actual implementation – existing as a live demo or production instance
  • They must not be fully commercialised
  • Submissions can, however, be:
  • highly customised
  • one-off productions
  • merchant-specific examples

Gaining exposure

The initial round of submissions runs from 7th September to 20th October 2017. From this, a maximum of eight entries will be selected, which will then get impressive exposure in a variety of formats. Both online and offline will be covered, with the Imagine 2018 conference as well as the Innovations Showcase online. The selected innovators – individuals or groups – will also receive recognition, accolades and have the door opened to exciting new opportunities.

For more information on the Magento Innovations Lab, check out the official rules. Or, if you’re ready to go, fill out the initial application form to get started.

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