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Increase in revenue
Project stadistic result 107.7 %
Increase in transactions
Project stadistic result 152.2 %
Increase in new users
Project stadistic result 290.9 %
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Who's the client?

Attach A Tag is an independent, family-owned business based in the UK. The retailer supplies an innovative, user-friendly clothes labelling system which is easy to apply, permanent and reusable through the use of innovative design.

The retailer has seen significant growth over the past 3 months working with us across Paid Social and other paid advertising channels. We worked with the team to increase brand awareness during their peak season to drive long term customer acquisition and growth through Paid Social channels.

What was the objective?

Our objective was to solidify the brand's online presence by raising awareness and driving seamless transactions via Paid Social.

By crafting a performance-based strategy, putting conversions and purchases first, we needed to ensure our ads land in front of the right users at the right time. Making sure our overarching strategy was geared for growth, action and scalability.

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What we did

To craft a social strategy that stood out in a saturated market space we knew we needed to leverage the brand’s most powerful asset: their audience.

Back to school is a busy time for all parents, particularly mums, with a lot of choices to be made about what to buy as the upcoming school year starts. We decided targeting this demographic on social media meant we needed to approach the conversation with authentic stories and experiences from real mums. So we used a collection of reviews and stand out experiences from customers in our ads.

We quickly noticed that hundreds of other mums in the community quickly flocked to the comments, asking pertinent questions, tagging friends in the ad, sharing their own reviews of the product. Igniting this conversation is truly what set us apart from the competitors in this space.

Leveraging the community in our ads yielded strong results along with a great brand awareness piece. Building strong long-term relationships with customers on social media has always been an important goal for most campaigns, and we definitely hit a big winner here.

The Results

  • 170.74% Increase in Revenue
  • 152.19% increase in Transactions
  • 290.94% increase in New Users
  • 1.8 million impressions in 3 months
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