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5 Magento sites you didn’t know were a PWA

5 Magento sites you didn’t know were a PWA

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are super fast, mobile-first platforms that are built to deliver the slick experience of an app to device users.

Developed using advanced, front-end web technology, brands that use a PWA are able to give customers a much-improved performance of their sites. This leads to increased conversion rates, reduced bounce rates and higher revenue.

Faster, smoother, slicker – read on to discover five Magento brands who are taking advantage of this future-forward ecommerce solution to delight customers and drive growth.


Built on PWA Studio from Adobe Commerce, the ELEMIS PWA is a hugely impressive site. Since launching the PWA, ELEMIS’ load speed has improved drastically from 7.58 seconds on Magento 1 to 2.98 seconds on Magento 2 PWA.

With a mobile-first experience, the site has also seen a 137 percent increase in mobile transactions and 85 percent growth in mobile conversion rates.

2. Beauty Works

Beauty Works came third in our 2021 Top 50 Health & Beauty Ecommerce Report. This was largely due to its hugely impressive speeds.

Using Google’s PageSpeed Insights tool, Beauty Works scored 83 out of 100 on desktop. This made it one of the fastest websites we reviewed.

3. Lakeland Leather

Our PWA for Lakeland Leather was launched in November 2021, and the average page load time is already 1.7 times faster, shaving 2.5 seconds off the previous page load time.

Built on PWA Studio from Adobe Commerce, organic revenue increased 56.5% year-on-year as a result.

See the site here

4. The Whisky Barrel

An Edinburgh-based whisky specialist famous for their exclusive bottling and the quality of their malt, blended scotch, the Whiskey Barrel upgraded their Magento site to a PWA in 2020.

Lightning fast on any device, the site can be downloaded instantly to the user’s phone without having to go through any app store.

The Whiskey Barrel PWA website

5. Sophie Conran

Launched in 2020 following the Magento 1 End of Life, interior design store Sophie Conran migrated to a PWA. The site features a streamlined checkout process, SEO pre-rendering service and Google Tag Manager.

Why choose a PWA?

PWAs combine the best of websites and native apps. They offer a smooth and streamlined user experience across devices and are reliable to use even in areas of poor internet connectivity.

But they aren’t just great for customers, PWAs are also great for developers and ecommerce teams. By harnessing headless commerce, which decouples the front end from the back end, any changes you want to make to your store can be developed and implemented rapidly. And reduced development time means reduced development costs.

With headless commerce, the back end can continue to develop and evolve as technology becomes more sophisticated, without these changes affecting the front end. This allows your site to keep pace as you grow – helping you to sell more.

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