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5 Reasons Why You Should Always Upgrade to the Latest Magento Version

5 Reasons Why You Should Always Upgrade to the Latest Magento Version

Once you have migrated to Magento 2 and are taking advantage of the latest features and functionality that your new platform gives you, you need to make sure you are keeping your store upgraded to the latest Magento version.

Magento 2.3.x has recently been released and so you should be working with your Magento support agency to help you seamlessly upgrade to this newest version of Magento.

But why is upgrading to the latest version of Magento so crucial?


1. Substantial security updates

The most important reason why you want to be upgraded to the latest Magento version is security. The vast majority of Magento upgrades will come with a security update and so minimises the risk of hacks, cyber attacks or simply an unstable ecommerce store.

This could lead to all sorts of problems from unhappy customers to compliance issues and loss of revenue.


2. Boosts to performance

Upgrades often come with optimised site speeds, redesigned pages, load time of elements and more. This all improves your site performance and ultimately improves your conversion rate.

By keeping up to date with your Magento version upgrades, you can make sure your site is conversion ready and optimised for driving sales.


3. Improvements in infrastructure

Magento upgrades also come with updates to infrastructure and code quality. For instance, the Magento 2.3.2 upgrade came with 130 enhancements to core quality to improve the quality of the framework.

Whilst as a retailer, these benefits may go unseen, they will improve your site health and the efficiency of any development work needed on-site.


4. New features and functionality

There may also be a number of new features and functionality you can take advantage of to scale and grow your store. For example, Magento 2.3.2 came with discount coupon generation, mass editing of products and easy data exports.

This stream of feature updates with every upgrade can boost the growth of your store and empower your teams to offer new and exciting product launches and promotions.


5. Proactive development

Upgrades can easily get in the way of using your development time for your custom functionality. However, if you schedule this in early and make sure you’re speedy with your signoff on Magento upgrades, you can then focus on your strategic updates and be proactive with your development.

You don’t want to be two or three versions behind the latest version. You want to be on the best foot possible when it comes to your ecommerce store.


Magento support

You always want an upgrade to be seamless, and you may need an experienced Magento agency to minimise risk with their Magento support. With an agency, you have the experience, the shared knowledge and the direct relationship with Magento.

If you’re interested in Magento support, get in touch with our team.

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