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Bad websites – bad for business

Bad websites – bad for business

Earlier this year the results of a survey into consumer attitudes to company websites was revealed. Commissioned by 1&1, the research project found that many will not tolerate a slow or poorly functioning site. It stands to reason in a world that is becoming faster by the minute that potential customers could be turned off a company by a website that does not work as it should, after all it is just another form of bad customer service.

However, what does not make sense is the number of businesses who still do not seem to realise that their website is now the most crucial piece of marketing collateral they own. It is an online shop window for their products and services and if customers do not like what they see, they work their way down the Google search results until they find a site that impresses them.

As a Manchester web design agency, we understand that in today’s market both the look and functionality of websites has a huge impact on how well they perform for a business. Lead and revenue generation is key – that’s why we all go to work in the morning so why let your website let your team down by not working hard in those areas? We don’t know any businesses that would accept that of an employee so investing in a good website is just as important as making your star performer feel appreciated.

So a bad website really is bad for business and gives completely the wrong impression of your company. Luckily, the team here at Fluid Digital are experts at creating websites that allow your company to shine like the star it is. Here’s a bit of the top advice we give to clients when developing a website for them to ensure it performs well:

1. Ensure the website is easy to navigate

A site that is difficult to navigate will see high bounce rates. This means that visitors will quickly leave and go elsewhere after becoming frustrated by not being able to find what they want. The team at Fluid Digital help our clients to avoid this by designing easy to use websites that are a pleasure to visit and browse. We know the simple steps to achieve a frustration free website that your clients will enjoy coming back to again and again.

2. Give the visitor a good user experience

It is absolutely crucial that your website offers engaging content, from informative and punchy copy, to videos and other features that grab the visitor’s attention. Great images are also key and should never be overlooked when pulling the bones of your site together. A good web design agency will offer advice and guidance on providing a good user experience and have the technical know-how to build you the necessary features to achieve it. Well the team at Fluid Digital certainly can!

3. Tell the visitor what to do next

A strong call to action is a must for a great website that is going to generate plenty of interest and enquiries. We advise clients to make it clear what visitors need to do to find out more or access your products and services. We then design the contact boxes, online enquiry forms and call to actions that do just that.

4. Give the visitor what they are looking for

It sounds simple but you need to ensure that once you have attracted a visitor to your site you quickly give them access to the information they need. Knowing your market is key to this then you can make sure the most relevant information for them is on the first sections they see. That’s usually what you can offer them, how your service works and how much it will cost. If the visitor sticks around long enough they may delve into your company history. However they shouldn’t have to wade through this to get to the reason for their visit.

Fluid Digital offers results driven web design and online marketing for small-to-medium-sized businesses. Speak to us today 0161 762 4920 for advice on ensuring you have a website that works hard for you.

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