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Google Analytics 4: Are you ready?

Google Analytics 4: Are you ready?

Google Analytics is changing the way it captures data. With the slow death of the cookie, the rise of data privacy laws and the market movement to a user-centric cross web and app deterministic event-based data capture, a new platform is needed.

Enter Google Analytics 4.

New reporting structure organized by the user lifecycle – Google

From its original origins of Urchin web tracking to Classic Analytics, then Universal Analytics and Web App Firebase, Google Analytics now brings all these elements into a newly improved and updated Google Analytics 4 release.

With machine-learning at its core, Google Analytics 4 has been developed to include expanded predictive insights, more granular data controls and deeper integration with Google Ads.

Read on to discover the key benefits of Google Analytics 4 and how to upgrade your account.

Why do you need it?

  • More accurate user insights. User-centric data capture removes the reliance on cookie session data, providing more accurate insights into users behaviour

  • Complete customer journeys. App and Web properties will sit alongside each other in Google Analytics 4, instead of separate properties like in Google Analytics 3 Universal and Firebase accounts. This change will enable marketers to see a complete customer journey across both the Web and App

  • Better audience integration with Google Ads. Marketers can create audiences from visitors using their app and from across the web. The multi-channel integration will allow marketers to target users with more accurate and relevant ads

“Because the new Analytics can measure app and web interactions together, it can include conversions from YouTube engaged views that occur in-app and on the web in reports… [This will] help you understand the combined impact of all your marketing efforts.”Google

  • Predicting Trends. Using AI, the new Analytics can automatically alert website owners to significant trends. This could be a rise in demand for a particular product, or calculating churn probability – helping you to plan ahead

Churn probability in the Analysis module – Google

What else you can expect

  • Improved UX. Create new conversions and events within the UI, removing the need to write new website code
  • Capture more data. Businesses are able to widen the data the platform collects by importing additional first-party data sets
  • Faster measurement. Cross-domain measurement within the UI enables measurement across multiple web properties without the need of writing code
  • Greater understanding of sales funnels. Enhanced ecommerce templates are available to help you better understand your ecommerce funnels
  • Increased accuracy. A futureproof user and event-centric web/app analytics setup are fit for purpose, ensuring all correct business data is being measured and captured correctly
  • Reassuring compliance. It provides tools to help advertisers comply with stricter privacy laws and data regulations such as Europe’s GDPR.
  • Future-proof analytics. As third-party cookies become a thing of the past, machine learning will fill the data gaps

What does this mean for me?

Simply put: Google Analytics 4 will help you get better ROI from your marketing for the long term.

The upgrade offers marketeers a more complete, cross-channel view of the customer lifecycle. When combined with the AI-powered predictive marketing features, this allows merchants with a more efficient and strategic way to develop effective advertising campaigns.

How can you upgrade?

Upgrading to Google Analytics 4 is free with a Web Analytics Specialist. During the upgrade, it is advisable to ask your Web Analytics specialist to review your data capture. Make sure your account captures data correctly, has sufficient updates, and meets data compliance procedures.

Google Analytics 4 and Fluid Commerce

To book your upgrade or a Google Analytics audit, get in touch with Fluid Commerce today. If you want more information about how our award-winning Paid Search team can enhance your campaigns, don’t hesitate to ask. Contact us here.

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