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How to Use Paid Social to Grow Your Audience

How to Use Paid Social to Grow Your Audience

Growing your audience can be difficult, especially in today’s digital world where most businesses are turning to paid media to increase their reach. Paid social ads, including Instagram and Facebook advertising, are on the rise with more businesses moving budget towards paid social ads to grow their audience. 

Below you will learn what types of ads are best for audience growth and top tips on how to use these ads to drive traffic to your website, social account and grow your audience online.

What type of ads are best for audience growth?

Advertising on social media is a great way of reaching your target audience, but there are many types of ads you can explore to do so. Paid social ads help you achieve one of three key campaign objectives: 

  • Awareness – increase your reach
  • Consideration – send traffic to your website and build engagement online
  • Conversion – increase purchases and leads

So, what are the types of ads you can explore for audience growth?

1. Carousel Ads

This type of ad is ideal for catching your audience’s eye when they’re scrolling through social media. Carousel ads allow you to use multiple images, each of which can tell their own story and encourage users to engage with your brand and visit your site

2. Lead Generation

The best way to grow your email database is through lead generation campaigns. This is an ideal tactic for audience growth across multiple channels. And by growing your email database, you will increase traffic to your website with repeat customers

3. Video Ads

These are a great way of telling a story and directing users to a specific section of your website. The video can be used to inform the user of your brand, service and product, heightening any chances of conversion.

5 top tips for using paid social ads to grow your audience

1. Determine your goals

Are you looking to grow your following, increase traffic to your website or drive conversions? Establish your goals first, then work from there

2. Ensure you’re targeting the right people

Don’t opt for an audience just because the reach could be in the millions. Instead narrow it down, and don’t be afraid to exclude people who are less likely to engage and convert

3. Do lots of A/B testing

You won’t truly know which type of paid social ad works for you until you put it to the test

4. Have a strong call-to-action

It’s important to keep your ads looking as they would if you were doing organic social posts, because your audience may avoid anything too ‘pushy’. However, it’s still important to have a strong CTA to encourage users to click

5. Analyse the results of your ad

It’s easy to forget to review your campaigns when you’re busy, but without understanding how your key metrics performed, you won’t know whether the ad truly works for your goals.

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