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Increase in revenue
Project stadistic result 168% %
Increase in orders
Project stadistic result 124 %
1.3 million
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Who's the client?

Lakeland Leather is the UK’s largest independent leather retailer, selling a selection of coats, handbags, luggage and accessories. The retailer trades online and through its 15 stores across the UK.

After seeing great success using our Magento, PPC and Amazon Marketing services, Lakeland Leather were keen to explore how Paid Social could be used to launch their Autumn/Winter collection.

New to social media advertising, the brand challenged us to drive as much revenue and transactions as possible from this channel. We set out to demonstrate that Paid Social is a powerful avenue for generating revenue, as well as increasing soft metrics such as impressions and engagement.

What did we do?

  • Paid Social advertising on Facebook and Instagram
  • Research & Strategy
  • Granular audience profile creation and testing

The strategy

Following an indepth discovery and planning sessions, we determined that as Lakeland’s traditional audience is aged 40 years and older, then the most effective way to hit the objectives would be to target 18-35-year-olds.

We developed 10 unique audience personas that would cover every type of potential customer, matching these with a set of specific Lakeland products.

Using a hyper-granular campaign set-up, we ensured that any ad shown to a user was tailored and targeted to their personal interests/demographic. This would ensure a high CTR.

Lakeland Leather
Fashion & Apparel Fashion & Apparel

Delivery & results

To create a sales funnel, we used a lifestyle video that featured the new autumn/winter coats and sent this to a broad audience to garner general interest. Engaged users were then sent hyper-targeted conversion carousel ads to ensure consideration of the products.

We also set up ads using a curated product set (collection ad), providing a full-screen immersive ad layout to drive discovery and give users a shopfront feel.

Finally, we delivered dynamic retargeting ads for users with high intent to sweep up any low-hanging fruit.

The results

During the Autumn/Winter launch, Lakeland saw:

  • 168.5% increase in total revenue
  • 124.1% increase in total transactions

Of this, the Paid Social campaign contributed:

  • 29% of total revenue
  • 23.7% of total transactions
  • And achieved a ROAS of 6.7x

The ads on Facebook generated:

  • 1.3 million impressions
  • More than 40,000 clicks
  • And a CTR of 3%

The ads also massively raised awareness of Lakeland among the younger target demographic of 18-24 year olds:

  • 531% increase in sessions
  • 623.4% increase in revenue
  • 564.3% increase in transactions

Our campaign for Lakeland Leather won the 2021 UK Biddable Media award for best use of Facebook/Instagram ads.

UK Biddable Media Award best use of Instagram Facebook ads

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