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6 Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Organic Social Strategy

6 Ways to Improve Your Brand’s Organic Social Strategy

Your social media followers is a community that’s built around the interest in your service or products. People come together to follow your every move and see what’s happening in your business from time to time.

But sometimes talking about the business and giving updates on LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook isn’t enough to get that engagement rate flowing.

Business social media pages have the opportunity to show a different side to the brand that allows them to connect with audiences on a deeper and relatable level.

So how can you as a business improve on seeing more engagement from your followers?

Below are some key points that you should look to implement. Be mindful that building a presence on social media does take time, but if you have these in place then you’ll be on the right path to seeing growth.

1. Understand Your Audience

For example, our client Attach A Tag sells quick and simple labelling products and has a large following among parents.

This is an extremely vital part of your social media page building. By taking the time to understand your target audience’s preference, interests and behaviours on social media, you can start to plan out how you’re going to talk to your followers.

We’d look to create posts that parents can relate to:

  • Funny parents tweets
  • Specific family-related events that happen throughout the year (child safety week, children art day ect)
  • Updates on the products

2. Create valuable and relevant content

This goes along with the first point about understanding your audience. You want to be creating content that’s valuable, informative, entertaining and inspiring to your followers.

Your content needs to be tailored to their needs so you’re addressing the pain points along with answering any questions.

In terms of visuals, you want to use a range of formats such as videos, gifs, statics and interactive content. Create something that will capture their attention through bold visuals, copy ect.

3. Consistency is key

Having a regular posting schedule established is good for keeping your audiences engaged – it helps keep the anticipation flowing and maintains visibility.

Sprout social has released their latest 2023 report on best times to post on social media – however you can experiment yourself on posting at different times.

4. Encourage engagement

Social media for brands is built around engagement so you need to ensure you have posts that encourage people to partake in any sort of engagement – whether that’s through tagging, commenting, competitions etc.

One idea would be to do a Q&A post where you get your followers to ask you questions. Competitions also work well – ask your followers to tag friends and comment on a post for a chance to win something.

Humour is always a good strategy to get engagement going. Create funny and relatable posts that your audiences understand, this can be through memes or a funny tweet.

5. Use hashtags effectively

Hashtags allow you to be discovered so ensure you take the time to research relevant ones that relate to your brand and the content you’re posting.

Use a mix of industry-specific and niche tags so you can expand to new relevant users. Also avoid using too many hashtags as it can come across as spammy.

6. Use UGC as a part of your creative strategy

Encourage your followers to create user-generated content as this can help create more visibility for your brand and increase engagement. For examples, ask your followers to submit a video review or take part in a challenge. It’s a fun way on how users can interact with the brand.

Analyse and review

With all these points given, it’s important to analyse and monitor your organic strategy. Look out for engagement rates, clicks, click through rates.

Here you can see what works and what doesn’t, which then allows you to optimise on bettering your organic campaigns.

Need a hand?

If you need a hand with your organic social media strategy or are interested in advertising on social media, get in touch with Fluid’s social media team here.

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